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Are you interested in making money writing articles? Do you want your ideas to be read by thousands of followers on our social networks? We would love to work with you.

Send an email to our content manager at with your resume and some examples of articles you have written.

Requirements to be paid for each item:


  • – Comply with the Publication Guidelines for articles in SBI ONLINE
  • – At least 500 words (payment will be adjusted according to the total number of words)
  • – Easy to share on social networks
  • – Be current and useful (nothing controversial or political in nature)
  • – Well structured and easy to read
  • – Focus on a relevant keyword


Before sending articles, please:


Read our writing guidelines carefully. Submitted items must meet all of these requirements to be considered and paid for.

IMPORTANT: We do not publish articles for companies, brands or public relations agencies. We do not accept paid or sponsored items. We do not sell links to other sites or advertising placements on our site.

Type of items we accept


Our readers love receiving information about good financial decisions and advice for a more comfortable life.

We are currently hiring writers interested in writing articles related to:

  • – Personal finances
  • – Internet Marketing
  • – Methods to earn money
  • – Banking
  • – Legal issues


Note: If your article does not fit into any of these categories, this may not be the right time for you to become part of our team. We update this list according to our expansion guidelines. In the future it is possible that you can find a topic that interests you.

We recommend you choose a theme based on your own passions, experiences and areas of professional experience. We can not respond to inquiries by email that ask us to choose topics or pre-qualify the ideas of the articles.

Tone of articles


The SBI ONLINE team’s mission is to be a community where everyone is welcome and no one is left behind. We write in order to help others, regardless of their country, ethnicity, culture, religion and beliefs.

So that of being the tone of the articles.

Please make sure that your tone when writing is inspiring, informative, honest and positive. Your goal should be to help the reader to be informed when visiting our site.

Application process


It is essential that you follow each and every one of the phases of the following process:

  • Choose the idea


The list of the types of articles that we accept changes according to our theme and the need for writers. If you are interested in working with us, send an email to with:

A small example of the article you have in mind and a keyword. It must be an original article, written by you and should not be published elsewhere.

Link to your previous posts (if applicable)

  • Send the first draft


After we accept the subject, we will give you the green light to start writing the article and we will agree on the price.

Before sending your first draft, make sure you meet all the requirements mentioned above.

Your first draft should include:


  • – A complete article in Google Docs or Microsoft Word (of at least 500 words)
  • – Images to be used in the article
  • – Comply with all guidelines established in the Publication Guidelines




After reviewing your first draft, we will tell you if it is suitable for our readers.

If necessary, we will notify you of a change or optimization for the article or review. You should take these suggestions seriously. After you have corrected the article, it should be ready to be published.

Why write for SBI ONLINE?


When writing for SBI ONLINE you can:

  • – Be remunerated with a competitive rate
  • – Touch lives of thousands of people
  • – Report positively
  • – Share your ideas with a global audience