How to keep up with the evolution of banking

How to keep up with the evolution of banking thumbnail

It may seem like the financial industry has settled down since the financial crisis, but it is still being reshaped by deep, persisting undercurrents. The big banks continue to adapt to regulatory changes making them less profitable. And just when it looked like Big Tech was fearful of the moat of rules and restrictions surrounding the financial industry, Facebook unveiled its own cryptocurrency. Venture capital firms, meanwhile, have been pouring money into the field, hoping to break into one of the last remaining endeavors that hasn’t been disrupted by tech. Deal makers like Evercore are mounting a serious challenge to top-tier banks by hiring the most talented, connected bankers alive. It’s been a wild ride and it’s only just getting started.

To stay up to speed, check out the people and places below, as the business of money changes faster than ever.


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